Frequently Asked Questions About SUCCEED®

Have questions about SUCCEED? See these commonly asked questions and their answers. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

SUCCEED® Formulation and Quality

What’s in SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program?
How does SUCCEED compare to pharmaceuticals?
How does SUCCEED compare to other digestive supplements?
Is the SUCCEED product in the syringes different from the granules?
Is SUCCEED a probiotic?
Can I make SUCCEED at home?

Benefits of SUCCEED®

How does SUCCEED work?
Why does my horse need SUCCEED?
Is SUCCEED for competition horses only?
Will my horse like SUCCEED?
My horse chews the wood in his stall. Would SUCCEED help this horse?
If SUCCEED is so good, and grain is so bad, can I stop giving my horse feed and just give him SUCCEED three times a day?
Is SUCCEED intended for horses with digestive tract health conditions like colic or ulcers?
Who can I contact with technical questions?

Using SUCCEED® Properly

How long do I need to use SUCCEED on my horse?
Can I use SUCCEED on pregnant mares or foals?
Does it matter what time of day I give my horses SUCCEED?
What if I give SUCCEED to my horse twice in the same day?
What if I miss a day of using SUCCEED?
SUCCEED is to be fed twice a day for the first week to ten days, but that’s not practical in my boarding stable. Can I feed both servings together?
To get the full benefits of SUCCEED, do I need to change my horse’s diet too?
What if my horse isn’t eating right?
If SUCCEED helps a horse get more from its feed, should I change the amount of feed I’m giving?
Does it matter what time of day I give my horses SUCCEED?
Do I use a full serving of SUCCEED with a pony?
Can I give a horse SUCCEED on the day of an event?


What are the interactions between SUCCEED and drugs or supplements?
Will SUCCEED show up on drug tests?
When I opened the SUCCEED container lid, I notice a strong oat smell combined with an alcohol odour. Is this normal?
Is SUCCEED tested for safety?
My horse has been diagnosed with insulin resistance/Cushing’s Disease/EMS. Can I use SUCCEED?
My horse has laminitis. Can I use SUCCEED?
Who can I contact with questions about safety?

Storage and Handling

Is there a shelf life?
How should I store SUCCEED?
I left the lid off my SUCCEED granules bucket overnight. Is it still good to use?
My SUCCEED granules look wet? Is this normal and safe?
The SUCCEED I just purchased looks slightly different from the SUCCEED we just finished. Is this normal?
I left my SUCCEED in the car and it’s been warm lately. Is the product still ok?
The SUCCEED granules are clumping in the bucket. Is this OK?
Who can I contact with questions about proper storage or handling?

Purchasing SUCCEED®

Where can I find SUCCEED?
Is SUCCEED available in different sizes?
Do I need a prescription for SUCCEED?
Is SUCCEED expensive?